In this Mockumentary Jagger talks about
his experience After leaving the Rolling Stones
and being successful in the Madison, Jagger
talks about his experience as a Solo Artist.

rOOd EhT

A door in the middle of the sidewalk
will bring out the worst part of a man.
After being possessed and transformed,
he will start a quest for the next victim.

Red Sea

A man must return from abroad
to deal with an unexpected family tragedy.
Guilt and sorrow will consume him,
but husband and wife will support each other.


A woman, following her friend advice
uses the Internet for a dating site.
As the date approaches she gets nervous,
after dinner and wine, things look different.


David Castellanos talks about his
experience as a Cantao'. How he started,
what trigged him to be a Flamenco singer,
and how he ended singing for Pilar Rioja.


An actress must deal with her past as she struggles
for an important audition that could change her life.
What she doesn't know is that she won't be alone,
her inseparable friend, Amelia, will be there...

Three Ophelia

Characters are trapped in a meaningless life
trying to escape without success.
When they find out a way to scape,
they will confront their worst nigthmare.