Gabriel Flores

Gabriel Flores was born in
Caracas, Venezuela.
He started working in theater
as stage manager to become,
years later, a playwright
and theater director.

In 2000 he moved to
New York City where he
obtained a MFA in
Writing and Directing from
The City College of
New York.


OATS - New York, NY                                        January 2016 to November 2017

  • Computer Trainer for Seniors: Instructing basic and advanced computer skills.

  • Conduct activities to reinforce the learning process of how to use computers,

  • cell phones, and tablets.

    Spanish Repertory Theater - New York, NY           June 2002 to November 2015

  • Audio-Visual research for multimedia theater productions.

  • Operate Video and Sound equipmemt for differetn productions.

    729 Media - New York, NY                                 January 2013 to November 2016

  • Web Site Project Manager.

  • Special project production and management.


City College of New York

  • BFA in Film Production.

  • MFA in Writer-Director.


  • BTech Web Design.

  • BA Film and Theater Director.


  • Film Directing. Film Pre Production and Production.

  • Mac Computers - PC Computers - Adobe Suite.

  • Creative - Bilingual: Spanish-English.